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The greater Los Angeles area boasts numerous yoga and Pilates studios, life coach offices, personal training gyms, nutritional counseling centers and spas, but what if you could access all of these, and more, in a one-stop-shop? That’s the premise to the newly-opened Whole Life Balance in Downtown Santa Monica at 507 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 101.

“Whole Life Balance is a boutique wellness center that offers several services under one roof,” explained Shane Griffin, founder and life coach. “This is an extension of my own personal journey to maintain sobriety. Rather than going all over town for individual appointments, I wanted my yoga, massage appointments, and counseling sessions all in one place. That’s when the light bulb went off that this type of place would also benefit my clients.”


To give me a taste of the Whole Life Balance experience, Shane graciously set me up with an acupuncture treatment and vitamin intra-venus therapy session. Both of these treatments were completely new to me. As someone who has a serious fear of needles, I kept asking myself, “Jenny, what have you gotten yourself into?”

We started off with acupuncture treatment with Devaunshi Tailor, LAc. She asked me about my ailments, and at the time, the biggest one was stress. Devaunshi told me that the practice would provide an experience that would help to calm my mind and make me feel grounded. I didn’t know acupuncture could do that! As we got started, I noticed that the room had the sense and ambiance of a massage room. Yes, Shane’s staff does perform massages in that room, but I never knew that acupuncture was done in such a calming environment. I always pictured that it was held in a cold and boring doctor’s office.

Once the pins were in place, Devaunshi explained that it was best to relax for 20 minutes in the stillness. Again, I had the sense of getting a massage, but it was more like a massage for the mind as I went into a meditative state. In the end, I was amazed that I was able to get to such a zen state with tiny pins sticking out from me. I never even felt them being placed in me or taken out of me. I found myself in such a relaxed state that I wondered why I had waited my entire life to experience acupuncture.

“Acupuncture doesn’t hurt. In fact, it helps the body feel rejuvenated, and it’s a great tool for everyone to incorporate into their health regimen,” Devaunshi said.

The next treatment was the vitamin intra-venus (IV) therapy (also referred to as VitaDrip) with Dr. Stacey Kupperman. While most people equate IV sessions with a hospital or doctor’s office, Whole Life Balance gives an entirely different feel to it. The IV treatment is given in the Cloud Lounge, with the comfortable and quiet setting of a lounge and the lighting of a trendy restaurant.

With Dr. Kupperman, about to start the VitaDrip treatment in the Cloud Lounge.
With Dr. Kupperman, about to start the VitaDrip treatment in the Cloud Lounge.

“VitaDrip is like a cocktail of a variety of all-natural nutrients and substances in IV form,” Dr. Kupperman told me. “It’s kind of like being on a multi-vitamin directly to your system without having to be digested or broken down in your GI track.”

Dr. Kupperman said that many different people can benefit from the 15-minute vitamin therapy, especially busy moms or anyone who needs that extra little boost before or after the weekend. My own session went by rather quickly as I sat with Shane and learned more about his personal story. Within a minute, I could taste the vitamins in the back of my throat. At the end of the session, as we started the video tour, I definitely noticed a perk in my step. It became quite clear how the vitamins can elevate your energy level!

Whole Life Balance is set up to treat every aspect of your body and mind for complete wellness. Shane Griffin’s vision is “to not only repair the damages to the regions affected by nutritional neglect but to also empower clients psychologically, thus improving their self-esteem.”


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Check out this video tour of Whole Life Balance (originally filmed as a Periscope broadcast).

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