Beat June Gloom By Having Fun!

Triceratops on Third Street Promenade
The famous triceratops that graces the promenade no matter the season.

If you’re not from SoCal, then you may not know about “June Gloom.” It’s what we Angelenos call the marine layer that hovers over the city during the month. Sure, there will be overcast skies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to look forward to. In fact this past week, I took a walking tour of DTSM as lead by the Santa Monica Conservancy docents. While we wandered, I learned about some events to get excited about:

  1. Silicon Beach Fest—I’m a tech person per my last post so I’ve already bought my ticket to the third annual festival celebrating local startups, accelerators, investors, entertainment and digital innovators.
  2. Free Cardio Classes—It’s Athleta’s anniversary so Moore Dancing will offer a free cardio class every Saturday this June on Third Street Promenade.
  3. Mexican Wine Tasting—Lotería Grill wants to introduce people to the flavors of Mexico on Thursday, June 5. It looks like there will be street dining with lots of tacos to pair with your choices of red or white.
  4. Friday the 13th—It’s definitely happening this month. Maybe you can request the docents at the historic walking tour to take you around to the haunted hotels in DTSM? Our guide, Kay, says she tailors each tour based on the interests of her group.
  5. Father’s Day Magic Show—Magicopolis on 4th Street is offering up Father’s Day magic with a champagne toast, a bag of tricks and a magic class.
  6. Summer Vacation—Fellow SMC blogger Kevin Kotight and I were walking along Ocean Park just last Thursday at 1 PM when we were caught up in a stampede of youngsters free of their academic shackles. Um, maybe that shouldn’t be on this list … .
  7. National Doughnut Day—June 6! I learned that from this very informative website.

How are you planning to get through the month? Let us know! #DTSMJuneGloom