Take a Tour Through Time: Vintage SMFD

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There’s just something about the past that strikes a chord with us.

People have always been fascinated by antiques, but recently it’s reached a whole new level with web archives like YouTube and Wikipedia and Tumblr making it easier for anyone to relive their youth.

Apps like Instagram allow us to easily turn any photo into a faded Polaroid relic from the halcyon days of the 1970s. The look has even found its way into marketing campaigns for the Santa Monica Pier, the Bungalow lounge and even our own blog!


To fuel this need for nostalgia–outside of the internet– there’s no better place than the Santa Monica History Museum in DTSM. For only $5 bucks I recently took a tour through time, checking out their permanent exhibit, which touches and Santa Monica’s rich history as a center for aviation, an early home for Hollywood and the birthplace of the fitness movement.

In another room was their featured exhibit, 125 years of the Santa Monica Fire Department. Did you know that the Santa Monica Fire Department started as an all-volunteer group? It wasn’t until 1889 that residents adopted the constitution for the newly formed Santa Monica Hose and Ladder Company. In the years since, the methods and resources of the fire department have changed dramatically. The SMFD is now on the cutting edge of the fire service.

I recommend checking out the museum if you haven’t been. It’s a great way to spend the day. Another added bonuses is you get to help restore The Mack, a 1952 fire truck that was used by the SMFD up until the early 1980s. The Santa Monica Fire Fighters Relief Fund is trying to raise money to restore it so it can become a showpiece for the community. A dollar of every admission fee goes to the restoration fund. Learn more at www.bringbackthemack.com

For museum hours and admission, call (310) 395-2290 or visitwww.santamonicahistory.org. The museum is located at 1350 7th Street in Downtown Santa Monica.