Summer fashion trends for men


All right men, I get it. Fashion may not be most of y’alls forte, however, I have the tips and tricks that will make getting dressed this summer a breeze. The hottest trends this summer include easy button downs, stylish board shorts and yes, the famous Hawaiian shirt. Doesn’t matter whether you’re at the Huntley for a rooftop drink or heading to the pier, the outfits listed below will make any girl swoon.

FASHION FAIL!!!! Don't be this guy.
FASHION FAIL!!!! Don’t be this guy.


Let’s first tackle the #1 summer must-have: swim trunks. Whether you’re the “classic, above-the-knee” type or brave enough to sport the Chubbies, the key to nailing this summer essential is print. Nautical stripes, floral print, even everyone’s favorite food are seen everywhere this season. Pairing a fun pair with a basic T creates an outfit that will take you from the beach to the bar. Be sure you sport this look with a sick pair of white sneakers or some flip-flops, but remember to get a pedicure. Trust me, girls do notice an unusual amount of toe hair.

Although Santa Monica’s summers never get too warm, save the jeans for nighttime! Jackthreads, which is one of the best fashion websites for men these days, has a great short 101 guide. Listen to me and follow these simple steps! Nothing says summer like cool color options, so I suggest sporting a light blue shade like these Oakleys or incorporating the pastel trend! If you’re the ultimate trendy guy, be sure you have all three of these options in your closet.


Now that we have the bottom half covered, time to move on to what you wear on top. Even if you’re sporting a summer 6 pack (abs, not beer) it’s better to leave a little to the imagination than running around town topless. Witty graphic tees, breezy button downs and polo shirts (yes, a blast from the past) will have you covered for the next three months! Graphic shirts are the best way to show your personality and strike up a conversation with someone special. Show off your favorite movies, quotes, sports, whatever you feel like with an assortment of styles! Ron Robinson, located on 5th Street, has a great selection and carries brands like Sol Angeles and Retro Brand.


Nothing says summer like a classic Hawaiian print shirt and with this guide from Attire Club; you’ll easily be able to pull it off. Whether you’re rocking the look for a BBQ or drinks at the Bungalow, a Hawaiian shirt shows you like to have a good time.  If you’re not comfortable in full-blown floral, let me suggest this Nocturnal Floral shirt (pictured below). By only placing the print on the front pocket and sleeves, this shirt is a great alternative to the trend.

Call it preppy, but nothing beats a Polo Shirt during summer.  Switch up the classic look by trading in your plain white Lacoste for a sweet print or unique color choice. This JCrew Polo combines two 2015 summer trends for a laid back look. Buy a pale yellow, pink or green polo to be on the pastel trend or keep it classic in a grey/navy version. Just remember, unless you’re inviting us out on your boat, Sperrys aren’t necessary to make this trend complete.


After reading this, you should be heading over to the promenade to update your wardrobe. I definitely notice when a man has good style, so think of buying new clothes more as an investment to your dating life. One last tip: make sure your Sunglass, jewelry, and hat game are all on point to transform your outfit into your own unique creation. Be safe, stay cool, and have the time of your life this summer, all while looking good. You can thank me later when you catch that summer fling.