Santa Monica’s Boa Steakhouse Unveils New Lunch Menu

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Avocado & Burrata Toast


If you’re like me, deciding on what to eat for lunch tends to be the most pressing issue of the day. I love food, so it’s imperative that lunch be tasty. But it’s also important that it’s filling and affordable. I have my favorites, but after so many years of working in Downtown Santa Monica, they can get a little stale. So it’s nice when a local restaurant switches things up by introducing new dishes to break up the monotony.

Boa Steakhouse, located on scenic Ocean Avenue, has done just that with its new lunch menu, introduced just two weeks ago and to some pretty rave reviews, at least from the food bloggers seated at my table. We were invited by the restaurant’s management to take a taste drive through the new dishes and, naturally, I was very impressed, not only with the range of dishes and the flavors, but also by the price — pretty reasonable for a fine-dining establishment like Boa and its sister restaurants — Sushi Roku and Robata Bar.

Naturally, no lunch menu would be complete without avocado toast ($16 plus fries, onion rings, or baby greens). It’s the trendiest thing out right now (think beat salad or kale just a few seasons back). Boa does it BIG! And I mean literally BIG. The toast is like 10 inches thick (OK that could be an exaggeration) and it’s topped with a hefty helping of rich, creamy burrata, king trumpet mushrooms, hazelnuts and just a touch of truffle vinaigrette.

Some of my other favorites include the grilled chicken torta with escabeche and charred panela cheese ($16 plus fries, onion rings, or baby greens), and the smoked Wagyu trip-tip sandwhich (same price as the torta and toast) served under glass filled with real cherrywood smoke inside!

And for dessert, you have to try the butterscotch bread pudding with apple sorbet (picture below). Normally I do not touch dessert as I am not in to sweets, but this was just too amazing to pass up.



Share your favorite lunch spots with us using the hashtag #DTSM. See you at Boa!