Santa Monica Centric’s new look

LOL Santa Monica
If you’re a loyal fan of this blog, you probably noticed something a little different about it recently. A new smoodle! That’s right, we updated the look a bit, but are still bringing you the best content, whether it’s the lowdown on new restaurants and shops, or a guide to free activities or Downtown’s art galleries. Our look may have changed, but our mission still remains the same. We’re going A.W.O.L. (Always West of Lincoln) to keep you in the know when it comes to Downtown Santa Monica.
Here’s a brief description of the change from our digital design team Kluge Interactive.
When Kluge,, first drafted the original illustration for the Santa Monica Centric blog we wanted a design that would clearly identify Downtown Santa Monica. We came up with a couple of ideas, but none resinated like the two dinosaurs. Dinosaurs don’t immediately come to mind when thinking about the city by the sea, but anyone who has visited the Third Street Promenade will quickly recognize the ancient reptiles.
This new theme drew its inspiration from the same location, but rather than turning to topiary, Kluge’s designers captured the activity you can find everyday on the promenade by sketching the buskers and yoga enthusiasts, dog walkers and diners.
Downtown Santa Monica,, the crew behind the Santa Monica Centric blog, loved the theme and the fact that the entire city scape came alive, right down to the paving stones on the street. But something was missing. Where were the dinosaurs? Afraid that the scene would be too cluttered Kluge had left them out. But, due to popular demand, they were added back in. And so behold, spring 2015′s illustration for Santa Monica Centric.