Pop-up art show celebrates Santa Monica’s creative capital

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"Palmers Girls' gotta crush" by Ken Brayden Matthews will be on display and for sale.
“Palmers Girls’ gotta crush” by Ken Brayden Matthews will be on display and for sale.

Santa Monica’s cultural community envisions the arts and culture as an integral component of civic life, incorporated into the values, policies and daily activities of the city. And many residents do as well.

In fact, 43 percent of Santa Monica’s adults make all or part of their living in arts-related fields, and residents visited an art museum or gallery at twice the national average (83 percent) and they believe having public art in a community to be nearly as important as good public schools.

So it begs the question, why are there not more art galleries in Downtown Santa Monica. Aside from pieces hanging on the walls of restaurants, coffee houses and co-working spaces, it’s hard to find a space solely dedicated to art, and part of the reason is the high cost of rent in the district.

That’s why it has become increasingly more popular to collaborate. Jeanie Madsen, a local fashion designer and art curator, is doing just that, joining forces with co-working outfit BLANKSPACES to host pop-up art shows every month featuring SoCal’s finest, including street artist WRDSMTH, muralist John Park, surrealist CHASE and many more.

Fashion designers will also be displaying their work.

The latest iteration is dubbed Stronger Together, and will be held Saturday, April 1, at BLANKSPACES, 1450 Second St., in Downtown Santa Monica. The opening runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. with an afterparty at The Independence restaurant, 205 Second St.

To RSVP, emailĀ jeanie@jeaniemadsengallery.com

For more information visitĀ http://jeaniemadsengallery.com/