New, improved Santa Monica movie theaters

Noticed anything different about the movie theaters in Downtown Santa Monica? If you’ve recently visited the AMC Santa Monica 7 (1310 3rd St.), or the AMC Broadway 4 (1441 3rd St.), you may have seen major upgrades.

“We want to elevate the moviegoing experience,” said Ryan Noonan, AMC’s director of Corporate Communications, when asked about the renovations.

In mid-July, Broadway 4 reopened its doors after a complete renovation had the space closed for many months. According to Noonan, Broadway 4 now has expanded menu offerings, plush recliner seats, free-style soda machines, new screens, upgraded sound systems, reserved seating, pristine carpets, revamped restrooms, and fresh coats of paint throughout the entire building. Long-term plans may even include a wine bar on the property.

Santa Monica 7 has seen similar changes. This theater is also going through phases of construction. So far, the completed renovations include the new recliner seats and reserved seating capabilities. Over the next few months, Santa Monica 7 will undergo changes to match the renovations already available at the Broadway 4 location.

Check out the changes for yourself by clicking on the photos below:



While Noonan did not give a number as to how much this construction has cost AMC, he did say, “Typically, renovations like this are in the multi-million-dollar range.”

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