Infrared Sauna Provides More Than Just Warmth


  With an Artic blast dropping temperatures below normal for most of the country, including our beachside burg, it seemed like a great idea to step into the infrared sauna at Diana Ralys Skin Health and warm myself up a bit.

The amazing health benefits are just icing on the cake.

If you haven’t been to Diana’s spa and wellness center on Fourth Street just south of Wilshire, then you are missing out. Her skill at crafting organic, all-natural lotions, scrubs, toners and creams is unmatched in Downtown Santa Monica. The last time I was in there she showed me her latest creation, a dark chocolate and coffee scrub/lotion combo that smelled so delicious that I almost started eating it.

But back to the sauna. Now, I’m used to the old-school saunas with a lot of steam and sweaty dudes with white towels. But this was totally different. First off, you have your own private sauna, so no unexpected flashes.

The interior is cozy, with wood walls, soothing sounds and different hues of various colors meant to calm the mind and body. And because the sauna is infrared, there’s no drop in temperature, no water to pour over hot rocks and you sweat less: all bonuses in my book.

Here’s the skinny on traditional saunas vs. infrared:

“Typical heat saunas heat the atmosphere temperature to high temperatures and your body reacts to this heat and starts sweating to cool down. Infrared technology heats your body’s internal core temperature, allowing your body to sweat and detox from the inside out.”

There’s more. To get deeper into the health benefits, check out this link. There’s everything from cell health and muscle recovery, wound healing and blood pressure reduction.

The saunas at Diana’s also offer full spectrum infrared, with means they utilize near, mid and far rays. Those extra wavelengths allow for different functions and have specialized results/benefits, such as anti-aging, body detox, pain relief, cardio health, and my favorite, relaxation. img_0676

Prices vary depending on the type of benefit you want and the length of time spent in the sauna. I did the body detox for $55. Diana is offering a special right now though: buy 4 and get 1 free, buy 10 and get 4 free.


So the next time you need to relax, heal those aching muscles or just want to warm up, head over to Diana’s and check out that infrared sauna. You won’t be left out in the cold.