Get fit, have fun at Basecamp Fitness Santa Monica


**This post is part of a series profiling businesses along Lincoln Blvd. and welcoming them into Downtown Santa Monica! As of January 1, 2016, businesses on Lincoln, from Wilshire to Colorado, have now officially become part of the Property-Based Assessment District of Downtown Santa Monica.**

Ask any staff member at Basecamp Fitness what’s so unique about their workouts, and they’ll tell you, “The format.” The format, eh? That’s why I had to check it out for myself!

Something surprising happened to me in this workout — I didn’t want it to end. I was having too much fun!

The class I signed up for was called “Torch” (chest/back). That’s because there’s a different focus area each day:

Mondays – Lower body

Tuesdays – Chest/Back

Wednesdays – Stability

Thursdays – Arms/Shoulders

Fridays – Core

Weekends – Full Body

It turned out that the format was definitely unique and unlike any other workout I had ever done. It started with stationary bikes. My bike had my name on it and listed the group I was in, Group A. The entire class was divided into four groups, A through D. There was also an energetic instructor, Ian Armond, who is also the program manager for Basecamp.

The format started with a minute on the bike. Then there was a 10-second break as I joined my group in a different part of the room for a 1-minute strength exercise. There are screens that tell you the exercise your group should be doing for that minute. I never felt lost or confused because it was easy to glance at the screen to see the exercise and how to do it properly.


The format continued like that for 35 minutes. Bike, 10-second break, exercise, 10-second break, bike. And so on and so on. After 35 minutes, there’s an optional 10-minute abs session. I had already pushed myself that far, so I went ahead and stayed for the abs portion.


The interval format kept me interested and engaged the entire time. Typically, it’s hard for me to enjoy a cardio workout, but it came easily at Basecamp Fitness.


“If you find a fitness activity you’re excited about, then you’ll want to keep going,” said Armond. “That’s the biggest challenge with fitness … being consistent.”



That’s also why Armond invites you to come try a class for FREE, so that you, too, can see if this is the type of workout that gets you excited. Call Basecamp to set up your free class:


1315 Lincoln Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 451-2861

Which area do you want to focus on in your Basecamp workout? Lower body, full body, chest/back, stability, arms/shoulders, or core? Share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #DTSM.