Get DOOB-ed in DTSM: 3-D Print Shop Grand Opening

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In this selfie-obsessed world of ours, it’s imperative that you have your own figurine.  You aren’t anyone unless you have your own action figure — and theme music.

DOOB is making that narcissistic dream a reality with their 3-D printing pop-up shop at Santa Monica Place. I walked in and got a chance to chat with the President and CEO of their American operation, Michael Anderson, and I must admit that it’s pretty freakin’ cool what they’ve got going on.

Using patented 3-D technology, the DOOBLICATOR takes your photo in less than a second with over a dozen cameras and then sends the images to their facility in Brooklyn for the detailed printing process. About 10 days later you get delivered to your door a mini-me.

You have to see it to believe it, but trust me the copies are pretty realistic. And pricey. The DIVA size runs around $700 when all’s said and done. You can get a 4-inch version right now for only $80 and change, part of their pop-up special. The cost is what it is because of the materials, not so much the process. Anderson said. But that’s still not stopping parents from getting family 3-D figurines made for grandparents at Christmas time, or dog-lovers from getting a clone of Fido.

This is DOOB’s first brick-and-mortar location in the U.S. so the jealousy factor is at a 10. Don’t hesitate. Rush out and get one before your friends do. You know you have to be the first one to post your figurine on Facebook.

Get your 3-D printed selfie today!