Freshen up in the New Year

Fashion Retail Therapy


The holidays are over, the decorations have come down and frankly, both you and your house could use a bit of a pick me up. We have just the winter cure for you. OK, maybe for me, but you can join me vicariously. And for me, it is going to be mostly lunchtime window shopping until that tax returns come. Luckily, I have already filed so it should come soon. Being an EZ form girl has its benefits.

My walls could use some life, so a trip to Aaron Brothers on Lincoln Boulevard is on my list, but I can do that on my walk home, so let’s start with housewares.

I meant to visit Fourth Street, but since my office is on the Third Street Promenade, I ended up there first. My first stop was Anthropologie. Every time I walk into the store, I wonder if I can get out without buying anything. No. And, I bought some holiday lights at 75 percent off, so I failed on the household refresh front. They did have lots of great dishes on sale that I swooned over, but I already have lots of great dishes from Anthro; maybe as gifts.

Next I hit my old faves on Fourth Street: West Elm and Pottery Barn. West Elm had some gorgeous bedding and the store looks so comfortable and ready for Spring, that I wanted to move in. Dog and I would like the bed made up in blue, grays and whites delivered ASAP. Pottery Barn makes it easy to focus on what is on sale because they have a great blackboard in front telling you exactly that. I’ve been in Pottery Barn a lot, but never on the third floor, which was definitely a mistake I won’t make again. Whoever does their buying and merchandising needs to come stage my house.

Before leaving that block, I crossed the street to look in the window at Adamm’s Stained Glass & Gallery. If I was physically forced to tell you my favorite store in Downtown it would be Adamm’s. I’ve never bought anything there because I have a tornado dog, but someday.

The colors are amazing and it is just a fun pick me up to decide what you would buy if you could.

Lunchtime is almost over, so I made a dash for TJ Maxx before heading back to work. Rather than dream, I did buy some great cooking utensils to help me with my New Year’s resolution to eat better. I’m sure I will be using that spatula to sauté veggies rather than flip burgers. I didn’t have time for Sur La Table, but I’m saving that for my Valentine’s post as feeding me is undoubtedly the way to my heart. Good thing I didn’t buy a clock, as that trek took me a bit over an hour, but it was fun and I have a stop to make on the way home. Success.