Flower Child Brings Peace, Love & Healthy Grub to Santa Monica

Food & Drinks


When it comes to food, “fast” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. After all, everyone knows that speed is great when it comes to some things food-ish; shopping local and getting food from places that do the same means your meal is both fresher and better for you and the environment. If you found yourself nodding in agreement with all that, you might have found your next spot in Santa Monica for a quick bite.


Flower Child, a newcomer to the city by the bay, takes “fast” out of the greasy fryers of yesterday and plops it on the plates of people who want something a bit better for their bodies than burgers and fries. The restaurant chain strives to shop local and gets proteins that are naturally raised without additives. The food also comes to your table with the speed of restaurants a fraction as responsibly sourced (or you can take your order to go).


And when it comes to the meal itself, fast translates to fresh. The corn in the corn tortilla soup literally crunches with each bite; the fruits and veggies on the bamboo bowls and plates look like they were pulled from a backyard garden; the blueberries in the blueberry muffins taste like real berries and not like freeze-dried space food that somehow found its way into a pastry.


All this wouldn’t mean a thing if the food weren’t tasty, but, with its wide selection of salads, appetizing sides and filling wraps and bowls on an endlessly customizable menu, Flower Child has it covered suiting your taste buds and culinary needs. To slake your thirst, there are refreshing ice teas and sweet-yet-subtle lemonades on tap, as well as a bevy of local beers and wines. And don’t skip the bakery-fresh dessert.


Flower Child is located at 1332 Second St., right next to the Leammle Theater, and it’s open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (breakfast served until 10:30 a.m.). For more information, call (310) 382-2901 or visit www.iamaflowerchild.com.