Discover Your Inner Mind


You’re stressed. I can tell.

But who isn’t these days?

You’re worried about money. Perhaps it’s your job or a volatile relationship. Maybe it’s that hellish commute. There’s no shortage of troubling topics that get our hearts pounding, palms sweating and anger rising.


Which is why you might want to check out Santa Monica Meditation, a new studio on Sixth Street in Downtown Santa Monica that promises to help you open your inner mind and find peace with all that surrounds you.

The center, housed in an old blue-and-white Victorian, offers a free introductory class with trained instructors using the Maum Mediation method developed by Woo Myung, who is said to have achieved enlightenment while meditating in the mountains of South Korea in the 90s. Enlightenment in the 90s?

For $150 a month, you can pretty much meditate from sun up to sundown at the Santa Monica location.

The goal is to leave behind the “human mind” and discover the “universe mind.” The human mind is a picture that we take of the world and then live in completely. It is full of negative memories, experiences, doubts and ego. If you can get rid of these pictures of the world, you reach the universe mind.


It gets deeper than that, but I’ll let you discover it for yourself if you’re interested. There’s even a dance that promises to lead you to a healthier way of being. It’s no Macarena, but it’s close.


Won K. Baek, the instructor and CEO at the Santa Monica Center, swears that students who take the guided meditation courses become more creative and are more efficient at work. They are more accepting of others and more passionate.


Now, there are those who believe Maum Meditation is a bunch of hocus pocus designed to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. You’ll have to take one of the Center’s free sessions to find out.

Learn more at or call 424.322.1929.