Cyclepathic brings adrenaline, community to Downtown Santa Monica

**This post is part of a series profiling businesses along Lincoln Blvd. and welcoming them into Downtown Santa Monica! As of January 1, 2016, businesses on Lincoln, from Wilshire to Colorado, have now officially become part of the Property-Based Assessment District of Downtown Santa Monica.**


There’s a reason why the Santa Monica Daily Press named Cyclepathic as winner of “Business With the Best Vibe” in 2015. That reason became clear to me after trying out just one of the cycling classes offered. It’s all about the adrenaline rush!


Inside Cyclepathic. Photo courtesy
Inside Cyclepathic.
Photo courtesy


If you’re new to indoor cycling, Cyclepathic is the ideal place to discover the benefits of this workout. You don’t need special shoes or equipment. Just arrive, check in, and let one of the staff members help you get set up on your bike. Then, you’re ready for the workout.


“My goal is to get you past the limits you think you can go,” said Chelsey Bennett, the instructor. “I’ll challenge you to push at least 10% harder.”


Bennett does just that by the atmosphere she sets in the room along with her high-energy attitude and motivation. Throughout the class, she not only lead from the front of the room, but she also walked the room to check in with people and motivate them. She controlled the music and the lights, providing an energetic beat and dynamic sensation that made me want to push harder with every song that played.


The drive to push people beyond their comfort zone is one shared by many of the instructors, as well as Cyclepathic’s owner, Adam Kessel. Adam opened the fitness spot because he was inspired to create an environment for everyone (healthy or disabled) to work toward becoming a better athlete.


Cyclepathic Owner Adam Kessel.  Photo courtesy
Cyclepathic Owner Adam Kessel.
Photo courtesy


“That’s one of the cool and different things about us,” Kessel said. “Whether someone is recently injured, or has been injured for a while, no one will treat or look at them differently here. Listening to the stories of some of our athletes really puts life in perspective. Cyclepathic is very community- and family-based.”


Whether you’re looking for someone to push you to the next level, or you just want a workout that will get your adrenaline up and that you’ll have fun doing, Cyclepathic has the classes to fit those needs and go beyond them. Stop in to try out a class today:


720 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 100

Santa Monica, CA  90401

(310) 917-1116


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