BUSted! series features stories of living without a car

If you’ve ridden a bus at some point in your life, you’ve probably got a few interesting stories to tell. Like that time that lady in the back was screaming racist remarks, or that one dude who was so drunk he just laid in the middle of the isle, swinging from the handrails like a stripper at Bada Bing!


OK, OK, maybe you have something more uplifting to share. You know, those stories about how strangers can show kindness to one another, how even when we’re tired and stressed from a hard day’s work we can still summon a little decency and give up our seat for a worn-out mother carrying groceries in one arm and a toddler in the other.


Either way, I’m sure you have stories. Why not share them this Thursday, May 14, at the historic Rapp Saloon, located on Second Street at the base of Hostelling International. On the second Thursday of each month, at 7:30 p.m., Big Blue Bus, in connection with the hostel and producer/writer Scott Schultz, is hosting BUSted! True Stories About Getting Around L.A., Told By People Who Don’t Drive.
BUSted! features true stories about getting around Los Angeles, told by people who live their lives automobile free. You’ll hear tales of freaks, creeps and rock and roll stars riding the busses and trains, bicycling, walking and skating their way across the vast metropolis. These true stories told by comedians, musicians, writers and other public transit miscreants, will make you laugh, cry and/or freak you out.
Going on two years, BUSted! has been fortunate to have some fantastic storytellers share their tales about getting around our giant city, and the folks behind it were recently the proud recipients of the “EMERGING IDEAS AWARD” at the New Urbanism Film Festival in Hollywood.

LA WEEKLY says BUSted! is “Perfectly tailored for a city where public transportation is so underutilized.” and “The humorous and occasionally moving tales become as much a celebration of ditching a car as commiseration over its frustrations.”

This month’s show includes featured storytellers

Buck Ball
Katya Duft
Martin Torner

The show is totally free!

The Rapp Saloon, Santa Monica’s oldest building, is located on Second Street just north of Broadway.