From out of town? That’s OK.

Call Santa Monica home sweet home? No problem.

This blog is still the right place for you.

We here at Santa Monica Centric are your downtown loyalists. We are all about going AWOL—always west of Lincoln (Boulevard)—to help unearth the hidden gems and keep you up to date with all that is exciting and worthwhile.

Trust us. AWOL is the way to be here in Los Angeles. Downtown Santa Monica is a vibrant world-class destination with 100,001 things to do.

We’ve got shopping, dining and entertainment. We got the world-famous Third Street Promenade. There are buskers on the streets and high-tech businesses in our buildings. Walk out to the pier, ride the Ferris wheel, breathe in the Pacific air, then look back at the Santa Monica mountains because we have everything. Even Forbes thought so when they voted DTSM one of the best downtown’s in America.

What’s even better is that our beloved promenade is turning 25 years old this September 2014. So in addition to reporting regular happenings, we also plan to highlight special events that will celebrate why DTSM is great and why you should be here now. (Why aren’t you here now?)

In the coming days, look for the best ways to get around Downtown without jumping in your car (or trying to find parking) as well as a new series of picnics on the promenade featuring the best DJs from our home-grown radio station KCRW, a service of Santa Monica College and National Public Radio. We’ll also be featuring two new restaurants and give tips on how you can change your hairstyle to better reflect your life.

So stay tuned. It’s going to be exciting!

—Santa Monica Centric Team


Downtown Santa Monica

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