Bar Hop Through Startups: It’s the 2014 TZ TechCrawl!

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At the beginning of this year, I found myself sipping a pink cocktail at The Misfit Restaurant while schmoozing with some clients. It was like I was a character on Mad Men but instead of being or doing anything like Don Draper, I was there in the name of tech—I build interfaces. I work for a company that designs websites. If you are swiping, scrolling or inputting anything into an electronic device, then a tech company like mine was probably involved.

The great thing about Downtown Santa Monica is that it is an anthill of tech companies. They’re tucked in every corner, and unless you happen to be a part of it, you might not realize that almost every day of the week, there’s a meetup, networking event or something that brings us together. Because in our industry, there’s nothing we like better than socializing and talking about all the things that drive us—graphic design, marketing, UX, code, craft beer, etc.

That’s why the TZ Tech Crawl by TechZulu caught my eye. It’s happening this Thursday, May 29 from 6-11 PM. It’s like a bar crawl but featuring tech companies instead of bars. Each participating business will open its doors, giving visitors the chance to see where the magic happens and meet their teams in informal settings.

Check out the roster:

  • 6pm—Cross Campus (a coworking space for lots of startups; it’s the only locale east of Lincoln)
  • 6:30pm—General Assembly (holds classes on tech, business and design; right next to the mall)
  • 7:30pm—CoWorks Space (another coworking space for freelancers and startups)
  • 7:30pm—CallFire (a little DTSM company that provides text and voice connectivity to 100,000 businesses)
  • 8pm—GumGum 8:00 (“ads that stick” or high-quality in-image advertising platform for publishers)
  • 8:30pm—NearWoo (working to make ads hyperlocal through mobile)
  • 9pm—SurfAir (offers all-you-can-fly memberships to bring the allure back to travel)
  • 9:30pm—ParkMe (an app that helps users find cheap parking with an interactive map)

How cool is that? I mean how often do you get to go behind the scenes of a innovative companies like that?

I emailed TechZulu’s founder, Efren Toscano, to ask what he hoped the event would accomplish.

Efren said, “ When I first started this event it was something that I felt the community needed. Because of TechZulu I had access to a lot of people and companies that I felt others in the community really didn’t get a chance to interact with. “

“The best thing I can hope to come out of the TZ Tech Crawl is people in the community garner new relationships that could help grow their own business,” Efren added. “Or if there are people within the community looking for job opportunities this is a great way to rub shoulders with founders and even checkout what the work environment may be like before they decide to apply for a position.”

The event is for entrepreneurs and people new to the whole wide world of tech. So you have no excuses.

Don’t forget to RSVP!